OASE In-line Dechlorinator

OASE In-line Dechlorinator


SKS Wholesale supply the trade. Our customers include koi shops, online websites, aquatic businesses and landscapers.


Tap water is thoroughly treated and therefore
it is ideal for filling ponds and aquariums.
However, what is safe for human beings
can be harmful for fish and plants. With the
Dechlorinator you are on the safe side;
chlorine and heavy metal residues are
effectively removed even during the filling
process. To do this the filter cartridge is simply
connected to off-the-shelf water hoses via the
provided quick-release metal couplings.
Thus biotope- friendly tap water can be
produced quickly and effectively, without
conditioning in a separate container.


Treats tap water contaminated withchlorine ‚‚‚ Immediately binds chlorine and heavymetals ‚‚‚ Ideal when topping-up ponds
and aquariums. ‚‚‚ Extremely easy application thanks to ¾‚‚½quick-release couplings

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