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Concept Gravity Shower inc 200L C.Bio



The Roto‚¾‚Concept Gravity Shower‚¾‚ with patent
pending features has been designed with the
serious Koi Keeper in mind. The unique
Roto‚¾‚Gravity Shower Flow Valve‚¾‚ system
allows for the Roto‚¾‚Concept Gravity Shower‚¾‚
to be installed gravity fed, unlike all other showers
on the market, that are pump fed only, This allows
Koi Keepers for the first time, the ability to install
a shower filter out of sight as if it were any regular
gravity fed fillter, truly an incredible Concept!
A large vortex allowing for mechanical settlement
of solid waste, with a hassle free, less than 30
second cleaning process, allows the Koi Keeper
more time to enjoy their pond and Koi and less
time worrying about filter maintenance.

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