Sludge Terminator Vac Kit (Handles solids / stones etc.)

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The Sludge Terminator
offers a complete solution
for removing sludge in
ponds. The Sludge Terminator consists of a self-priming waste water pump with a flexible
rubber impeller on a stainless steel trolley that sucks the water in through a special stone
separator. In this separator, heavier solids like substrate and stones will settle in the
lower part to protectthe pump. The stone separator has a 4 inch screw cap for easy
removal of these solids and a top cap for easy priming of the pump and separator.
The Sludge Terminator is supplied with a 3,6 metre telescopic pole, pond vacuum
and 12 meters of flexible floating hose.
The dirty water can be transported to waste
or garden or to a filter for further treatment.
Waste outlet: 40mm hosetail.
Max.capacity: 5760 ltr/h. Max. head: 30 meters