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      • Wholesale Koi

        We carry a wide variety of Japanese Koi, our selection includes popular breeds such as the Kohaku, Showa, and Sanke, as well as Koromo, Hajiro and Goshiki. Each fish is hand-picked by our experts to ensure that you are getting a healthy and beautiful fish that will thrive.

      • Landscaping & Pond Building

        We supply High Quality products to award winning landscapers and skilled pond builders. We understand that professionals demand top-quality tools to achieve superior results, and we are committed to meeting those expectations.

      • Swimming Ponds

        As swimming ponds become increasingly popular in the UK, we are committed to providing the finest equipment and supplies to meet the growing demand. SKS Wholesale is dedicated to offering the latest in swimming pond technology to professionals

      Mountain Tree

      Mountain Tree has been the leader of China's aquatic industry since 2008. Mountain Tree provide advanced filter media and pump accessories as well as leading filtration solutions.

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      As the exclusive importer of AquaForte into the UK, we bring you unparalleled access to their innovative and high-quality products. AquaForte's extensive lineup includes state-of-the-art pond filters, pumps, UV clarifiers, aeration systems, and much more. With AquaForte's cutting-edge technology and our commitment to excellence, we deliver the finest solutions to help you create and maintain stunning aquatic environments...

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      Product Guide

      Our extensive product guide will give you all the details and product code you need to place your order.

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      JPD Koi Food

      As the sole importer of JPD Koi Food in the UK, SKS Wholesale Ltd provides you with exclusive access to this exceptional brand. Our partnership with JPD allows us to offer you a diverse selection of koi food options, including staple diets, color-enhancing formulas, and specialized blends to meet the unique requirements of different seasons.

      At SKS Wholesale Ltd, we understand the importance of providing your koi with the best nutrition for their well-being. That's why we are committed to offering the complete range of JPD Koi Food products, backed by our expertise in the aquatic industry and dedication to customer satisfaction...

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      Filtreau is synonymous with innovation and excellence in water filtration and disinfection. With their cutting-edge products, Filtreau sets the standard for crystal clear and clean water in koi ponds and swimming pools. As the sole importer of Filtreau in the UK, we are excited to bring you their remarkable range of products.

      Harnessing over 30 years of experience and expertise in UV-C technology and water disinfection, Filtreau creates solutions that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi from your aquatic environment. Their products are designed to provide superior water quality, ensuring the health and well-being of your aquatic inhabitants...

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      Living Water


      The OASE brand has always been “passionate about water” with a reputation for innovation and quality. All Oase products are made in Germany.  Oase has been supplying the Aquatics Industry since 1949 – more than 65 years of experience.

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      Koi food


      JPD's mission is to protect the healthand increase the vitality of Koi in Japan and throughout the world. JPD has devolved lots of high quality koi food products, including Shogun, Medicarp & Yamato that are widely well welcomed in the market.

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      Pond Products

      Pro-Line Aqua

      Whether you are a seasoned koi enthusiast or just starting out, PRO-LINE Aqua has everything you need to create and maintain a beautiful and healthy outdoor pond.

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