About Us

Selective Koi Sales limited have been established for 36 years and have been actively involved in supplying a large range of quality products to the Trade for almost 20 years. In 2009 SKS Wholesale ltd was formed to provide exclusively businesses in the Koi and Aquatic industry with a fast, efficient and friendly service, great products and a knowledgeable and logical approach to all aspects of koi keeping.


SKS Wholesale - Koi & Pond Wholesale


May products and procedures have been popular and successful throughout the years and new concepts, methods and ideas will always move the hobby forward. As new products become available we believe that although it is important to offer and promote the products which we have gained experience with and have faith in, we must also keep an open mind and offer our customers a choice whether it’s a small box or cutting edge modern filter system.


We have no pre-conceived ideas on what products or methods customers must use but we have practical experience and we know what works. 


Our delivery service for “non-bulky” orders  covers the entirety of the UK, and features fully trackable and traceable parcels.        


To see our delivery charges please see our shipping page