Optimal enjoyment starts with the basics

It is very important for a pond to be installed correctly. In addition to having a good design and clear planning you need to select the correct (installation) materials. AquaForte offers a wide range of materials that you will need when building a pond.


AquaForte Installation products


AquaForte Flexible Fittings

Ideal for applications in which the use of adhesives is not possible or not recommended.



Flexible fittings are made of PVC elastomer and can be used on all pressureless or low-pressure pipes. With flexible fittings you can connect pipes together without using adhesive. The stainless-steel clamp at the end of the fitting provides a perfect seal.

Can even be used when the pipes:

  • are different sizes
  • are made of different materials
  • are not precisely at right angles to one another or on top of one another


Male Pipe Male Pipe Male Pressure Fitting Clamp Reach
1¼” 40 mm 32 41-38 mm
1½” 50 mm 40 50-44 mm
2” 63 mm 50 63-57 mm
3” 90 mm 75 90-82 mm
4” 110 mm 90 110-100 mm


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Aqua Forte Superstrong

An odourless, permanent, elastic adhesive and sealant in one.




Available in black, white and transparent.


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