Water Treatment

Your pond in top condition

To enable you to enjoy your pond to the full it is important that your pond water is in top condition. To keep your water in top condition you should regularly check your water values and add water treatment products and pond bacteria. In this section you will be introduced to a number of reputable brands for water treatment and pond bacteria. These will help you to achieve, restore and maintain the natural balance in your pond.

What are water values and why are they so important?

All the water values combined determine the overall water quality. Since ponds in a garden are often much more densely populated than they are in the wild, we need to give nature a helping hand to achieve a healthy balance.

TIP: AquaForte Dosage Pump

AquaForte Dosatech 3 knops

Dispenses liquid solutions such as water treatment products and bacteria into your pond’s piping system.

AquaForte Water Treatment Products

AquaForte Alg-Stop & Alg-Stop Liquid


  • Effective anti-algae product
  • Ensures that there are no more nutrients available for algae
  • Destroys the calcium skeleton of algae so that they break away and are caught by the filter
  • The powder dissolves rapidly in the water, so that filamentous algae quickly absorb it
Art. nr. Type  
SC810 Alg-Stop 2,5 kg (powder)
SC812 Alg-Stop 5 kg (powder)
SC814 Alg-Stop 10 kg (powder)
SC811 Alg-Stop Liquid 2,5 liter
SC813 Alg-Stop Liquid 5 liter
SC815 Alg-Stop Liquid 10 liter

AquaForte BioStabil


  • Neutralises ammonia and harmful metals
  • A stable pond climate and natural KH and pH values at once
  • Improves water in 20 minutes
  • Provides clear water
  • Result: lively fish with strong, clear colours
Art. nr. Type
SC807 Biostabil 2,5 kg

AquaForte Oxypond


Oxypond is an active oxygen preparation that attacks the cell structure of algae so that they become smaller or disappear entirely.

  • Non-chemical
  • Instantly effective against filamentous algae due to active oxygen
  • Contains special bacteria that break down dead algae
  • Works preventatively to combat parasite infestation and gill necrosis in fish
Art. nr. Type
SC800 Oxypond 1 kg
SC802 Oxypond 2,5 kg
SC804 Oxypond 5 kg

Partner brand: Microbe-Lift Pond Bacteria


Microbe-Lift supplies biological products for keeping the pond water clear and healthy. In the U.S. Microbe-Lift is the most popular brand name for bacteria for treating ponds and surface water. Microbe-Lift articles ensure top-quality pond water and cut pond maintenance in half.

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Partner brand: Kusuri Water Treatment


KUSURI supplies top-quality products for koi lovers. Kusuri is passionate about keeping your koi in tip-top health and condition with its products. Kusuri’s range of koi and pond products consists of water treatment products, medications and foods.

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