Microbe Lift

Microbe Lift Natural Complete Kit 4 x 4ltrs

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The water quality of on-site swimming features can now be enhanced by the use of modern
microbial technologies that safely and effectively remove waste pollutants. Our water
clarification process relies on modern biology to naturally enhance and restore water quality.
Over a period of time, this safe, effective and environmentally-friendly process features
bio-enzymatic functions that naturally remove organic waste pollutants trapped and contained in pond water and on pond
bottoms in the form of sludge through biological oxidation breakdown.
1. MICROBE-LIFT / Natural-Clear; targets unwanted organic waste.
2. MICROBE-LIFT / Natural Algea Control; reduces Algae growth.
3. MICROBE-LIFT / Natural Sludge Reducer; Natural Sludge Reducer.