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AquaForte Bio-Stabil 2.5kg

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Improves water quality within a short time to provide a stable pond environment for Koi and other Coldwater fish whilst maintaining a consistent natural PH value, a stable alkalinity (KH) level and neutralises ammoniac and heavy metals. Fish vitality will greatly improve together with enhanced colour intensity.

  • Better water in 20 minutes: 
  • For fish vitality and enhanced colour -
  • Crystal water and natural pond environment -
  • Neutralises ammoniac and heavy metals -
  • Maintains natural KH & PH values


Use 100gm of BioStabil per 1000 liters of pond water and apply the required quantity direct to the pond. Continue to run filter systems during application. It is recommended to use BioStabil twice per year or when required (in the event of a KH level lower than 5 dH). BioStabil will quickly address high or low PH values.