Microbe Lift

Microbe Lift Thera P 4ltr

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Enhances the immune system against pathogenic bacteria and parasites due to its Probiotic activity!
Provides a natural pond eco-system resulting in a better overall fish health and improved water quality.
For use with all ornamental coldwater, temperate cyprinids, native and wild species.
Benefits and other advantages:
‚‚‚ Biologically supports a healthy immune system.
‚‚‚ Reduces environmental stress.
‚‚‚ Improves dissolved oxygen levels with aerobic bacteria.
‚‚‚ Digests organic droppings (fish fecal matter).
‚‚‚ Promotes rapid fish growth.
‚‚‚ Increases resistance to pathogens and parasites.
‚‚‚ Aids respiration and gas exchange.
‚‚‚ Contains both Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas bacteria.
‚‚‚ Oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites, also reduces nitrates.
‚‚‚ Beneficial when overpopulation exists. Immediately seeds and maintains biological filters.
‚‚‚ Biodegrades uneaten decomposed food (protein, starch. fats).
‚‚‚ Compatible with all pond flora.
‚‚‚ Safe for all animals in and around the pond.
‚‚‚ Eliminates noxious odors.
‚‚‚ Can be used simultaneously with other MICROBE-LIFT products.