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NT Labs - Hardness Test kit

NT Labs - Hardness Test kit


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NT Labs Hardness Test Kit – Comprehensive Monitoring for Your Pond's Water Quality

Understanding KH (Carbonate Hardness): KH, also known as "total alkalinity" or "carbonate hardness," measures the buffering capacity of your pond water. This capacity indicates how well the water can resist changes in pH.

What is the Correct KH Level? Maintain a minimum KH level of 4 dKH at all times, with a more desirable range between 6 and 8 dKH. This test kit measures KH in dKH, where one dKH equals 17.8 ppm as CaCO3.

What to Do if the KH Level is Wrong:

  • Check the KH level of your tap water. Regular water changes are sufficient if the tap water KH is above 6 dKH.
  • If tap water KH is below 6 dKH, use a KH buffer like KH – Buffer Up to maintain a suitable level in your pond.

How to Use the KH Test:

  1. Ensure the test tube is clean.
  2. Collect a 5 ml water sample into the test tube.
  3. Add one drop of the KH reagent, mix, and observe the pale blue color.
  4. Continue adding drops, one by one, mixing between drops until the color changes from blue to yellow.
  5. The number of drops needed for the color change equals the KH value in dKH.

Understanding GH (General Hardness): GH measures the total minerals dissolved in water, with water hardness ranging from 'soft' to 'hard' based on mineral content. Hard water can lead to limescale buildup.

What is the Correct GH Level? For pond fish, the ideal GH level is between 8 and 12 dGH. This test kit measures GH in dGH, where one degree equals 17.8 ppm as CaCO3.

What to Do if the GH Level is Wrong:

  • Test the GH of your tap water. If too hard, consider using alternative water sources like reverse osmosis water to lower GH.
  • In ponds, where rainwater may lower GH over time, use GH & Minerals Up to boost GH to a suitable level.

How to Use the GH Test:

  1. Ensure the test tube is clean.
  2. Collect a 5 ml water sample into the test tube.
  3. Add two drops of GH A reagent, mix, and observe the dark pink color.
  4. Add one drop at a time of GH B reagent, counting the drops between mixing until the solution changes from pink to blue.
  5. The number of drops needed for the color change equals the GH value in dGH.

Maintain the balance of KH and GH in your pond with NT Labs Hardness Test Kit, ensuring optimal water quality and a healthy environment for your fish. Trust NT Labs for precise water testing solutions.


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