Superfish Top Clear 18000 Kit Complete set

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The TopClear 18.000 Kit is a complete 3-in-1 kit consisting of the TopClear pressure filter with 18 Watt UVC and the very economical PondECO 4900 pump.
This model is suitable for ponds up to 18,000 liters.
The 29 Watt electronic SuperFish PondECO 4900 pump has a capacity of 5,300 liters per hour. With very low energy consumption with no impact on performance this pump is perfectly suited to the TopClear 18000!

Fitted with a powerful 18 Watt UV lamp, the TopClear filter provides a clear pond within 14 days. The filter consists of filter foam and Bio-Balls and equipped with Auto Clean Valve and Flow indicator.

The PondECO pump and the TopClear filter are TUV-GS approved.