The water cleanser industrial block 1kg

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What is the Water Cleanser?
The Water Cleanser (TWC) is best described as a microbiological culture pad.
If you look at TWC under a powerful microscope, it is full of millions of microscopic
capillaries that progress from one end through to the other. These microscopic
capillaries provide the ultimate home for all the required beneficial bacteria and
microbes that maintain the health of water. TWC also provides the required trace
elements for the microbes to thrive and function to their optimal levels whilst also
providing the breeding trace elements for Archaea microbes and Bacillus bacteria
(see "Archaea").
How does it work?
Beneficial bacteria and microbes naturally break down and process organic waste (excess food, plant matter, dying algae, fish faeces,
etc.) in water systems. Outside influences such as chemicals, pollutants, and fertilizers can disrupt the natural cycle and weaken the
existing beneficial bacteria. The Water Cleanser (TWC) provides a protective habitat with all the required trace elements that allow the
microbes to breed and multiply at their optimal rate. Once the microbes are re-established in the water system, they can then
consume the organic waste at an accelerated rate, leaving the water cleaner and healthier, and requiring less maintenance.
Archaea microbes prefer to break down organic waste above oil but need hydrocarbon as an energy source to multiply. Archaea
microbes are present in any body of water but remain inactive until they have a hydrocarbon source. The Water Cleanser is a
hydrocarbon catalyst that creates the perfect conditions for these Archaea microbes.
Does TWC prevent algae?
Yes! Excess nutrients in the water from organic waste can encourage overgrowth of algae, including algal blooms. The Water
Cleanser accelerates proliferation of beneficial bacteria and microbes which consume that organic matter. Massive algal blooms
require lots of nutrients; with their food source consumed by the microbes, the algae starves and dies.
The Water Cleanser has been tested for over 12 years and has a beneficial effect on all aquatic life. Besides that, the Water Cleanser
can also be used in pools to lower the need for chemicals.