TMC PRO Pond Titan 110 W

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Using the latest photocatalytically enhanced UV technology, the Pro Pond TitanUV is up to 1.5 times more effective than a standard UV clarifier, producing hydroxyl radicals that improve water clarity through a process of oxidation. The completely contained photocatalytic reaction, provides a safer alternative to ozone, neutralising water born algae & oxidising organic compounds, resulting in clearer water.


UV effectiveness is enhanced 1.5 times. Clears green water fast!

Resultant hydroxyl radicals work like ozone to clear the water even further

The reaction is instantaneous, completely contained with no harmful by-products leaving the unit

Prolonged life of the plastic body due to UV shielding

Perfectly safe for all pond life … except the waterborne microorganisms that you don’t want! 

  • Individually chambered lamps guarantee short depth of UV penetration for optimum clarification;
  • Fused quartz glass sleeves offering excellent UV transmittance, as well as ensuring that the lamps can reach their optimum ‘burn temperature’ for maximum UVc production;
  • Modular design allows for easy maintenance;
  • Translucent lamp caps allow for easy visual verification that lamps are operational;
  • Can be used with pressure filters or pressure circuits such as sand filters & venturis;
  • Universal 2” and 63mm solvent weld inlet and outlet port to take rigid pipe;
  • Hosetails included for use with flexible hose.
  • 5m cable
  • 24-month guarantee.

Suitable for pond up to - 108,000 litres / 24,000 UK gallons / 29,000 US gallons

Maximum flow rate - 36,000 litres / 8,000 UK gallons / 9,400 US gallons per hour*

Inlet/outlet size -  2” and 63mm (dual port size)

Maximum pressure rating - 3bar / 43.5psi

Unit Weight - 6.6Kg

Unit Dimensions - 964 x 367 x 109mm

Class1 / IP64.

Lamps - 2 x 55W G55T8 UV           

Total Power Consumption - 112W Max.

Power - 100-277V, 50/60Hz

* Improved water clarification thanks to new photocatalytically enhanced Titan UV Technology