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Water Jet Lightning


Water Jet Lightning -
*Coloured arching water jets
*“Plug ‘n’ Spray” principle: Complete set for easy installation
*Can be used in swim ponds thanks to 12 V technology
*Luminous, coloured, water arches for a special charm in the garden
*Variations of jet lengths, jet height, and RGB colours can be displayed using the
pre-set programs
*The programs can be selected via remote control from a distance of up to 80 m
*The water jet angle can be individually adjusted
*Easily set your favourite colour for the water arch
*High quality stainless steel base, can be bolted anywhere
*Maximum jet length 1.8 m, maximum jet height 0.9 m
*Can be connected to a timer
*“Plug ‘n’ Spray” principle enables easy installation
*Low maintenance
*Low energy consumption
*Included- 2-unit set Water Jet Lightning, pump (1500 l/h, 17 W),
external control unit, transformer and cable

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